Therapeutic Journaling

Heal from your past.  Grow in your present.  Reset for your future.

Visions & Dreams

What’s one vision God gave you yet you’re hesitating to move at the speed of obedience to see it manifest?


Do you feel trapped in the mud or even the quicksand of life?  Are you drowning in doubt, fear, shame, unhealed trauma, low expectations, and feelings of unworthiness? 

Begin Your Journey

Your destiny is waiting for you to say “I’m ready to go after my abundance!”

It’s time you take your thoughts captive.

Healing doesn’t just happen in hospitals, but also in the sacred space of your home.


Therapeutic Journaling!

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Have You Made Yourself A Priority?

Joy is your inheritance.

It’s not given only to those with “perfect” lives and millions of dollars.

Joy is for you too.

When you decide to heal from your yesterday, you can then begin to move, effectively, forward on your pathway to abundance.

Therapeutic Journaling

Therapeutic journaling is not only for those who enjoy writing.  It’s also for those who don’t particularly enjoy expressive writing.

The difference with the Heal. Grow. Reset. journal is that it provides 90 days of prompts to guide your heal and grow journey. 

At a minimum, I invite you to…

  • Sit in a sacred space
  • Answer the few prompts
  • Dive Deep into your hangups, hiccups, setbacks, setups, and comebacks

Five minutes is all you need to start.

It’s Not Just a Journal

This therapeutic journal is the first step to manifesting your physical, mental, spiritual, intellectual, financial, and emotional abundance.

The prompts within the journal are designed with the theories of motivational interviewing and cognitive behavior in mind.

It was designed and developed with intention and purpose.

Shop the Summer Sale

Seasons are changing and healing is in the air!

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Break the Chains

Launch into the deep of your worthiness, peace, beauty, wisdom, courage, self-love, and healing.

Heal. Grow. Reset.

Therapeutic journaling opens the door to you healing from the past, growing in the present, and resetting for your future.

Healing in Community

Research shows that healing in a community setting is a highly effective approach to walking in prosperity and abundance.

Not only are you receiving a therapeutic journal, but you’re also entering into a community of women who are cheering you on.

Are You Ready?

Living in the pain of your past is stunting your growth walk.

It’s time to take back your pen and write the story of your future the way you see in your dreams.

God gave you the vision for walking in abundance, peace, courage, and prosperity.

Will you leave yourself in this same chapter 365 days from today?

It’s time to heal, grow, and reset for your destiny.



Shop the Summer Sale

Seasons are changing and healing is in the air!

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