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Trauma is one event or a series of events that causes one to struggle with effective coping mechanisms.  

More and more, the modern face of trauma is evolving.

The idea of trauma is evolving to be more about the individual’s experience or perception of the event instead of having just a one-size-fits all specification of the event itself.

The evolution of how specialists approach trauma needs to be announced to the general population.  That’s why it’s important I share this vital information with you.

There are many who are scathing by each day believing that their lack of coping with an event or series of events is not “BIG ENOUGH” to require healing.

There are many scathing by each day not realizing their depression is masked in signs of irritability or anger and they believe it’s just their personality.

Rachel dives deeper into the misconceptions of trauma for women in The Rachel Harper Podcast.

The goal is for women to have a true understanding of the warning signs of their individual experiences so they can begin healing and thriving.  

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