May Workshop


TIME: 7:00 – 7:40 PM ET






Rabbit Hole: Tools to Heal and Move from Surviving Descent to Thriving Ascent

When you struggle to walk in abundance, perhaps there are hang-ups and hiccups getting in the way of your destiny.

This month, we’re diving into the topic of trauma and healing.

What comes to mind when you think of trauma?

Many live day-by-day with warning signs of stress and trauma, but are unaware.  Unfortunately, what you don’t feel, you can’t heal.

When you don’t know, you can’t grow.

You can’t heal it if you conceal it.

Picture yourself in a few days from now.

In a world where you decided to invest $25 and take the leap to focus on your heal and thrive process, here’s what June will look like for FUTURE-YOU:


  • You have an area of your life that moves from SURVIVING TO THRIVING

  • You have tools to help you move from a life of descent to a life of healing ascent.

  • You have the tools to get out of the mud and take steps to moving at the speed of obedience towards your vision, regardless of your age.

While surviving is good, imagine if you thrived for the rest of 2022.

There are days when life feels like it’s spiraling down a rabbit hole.  You’re hoping that you don’t hit rock bottom.  Every day you do just enough to survive the day without hiccups or hang-ups.

Who Is the Workshop For?

  •  Women who are on a journey of relearning and rediscovering themselves beyond their past experiences and current “limitations”.


  • Women who desire resources to guide their journey that’ll keep them looking forward to their future and not backwards to past pain so they can stop conforming, playing small, and grab a big WIN.

Why was the Workshop Created?


  • Self-discovery and new beginnings should be shared with others who’ll celebrate your wins
  • Life should never be done alone

What Transformation Comes with Joining the Workshop?

  • You’ll have tools to help you dig your way up to the top out of the rabbit hole and back on your pathway to abundance.


  • You’ll be prepared to acknowledge your past hurt and future goals so you can walk fully in your purpose with the fear and blocks removed.


  • You’ll learn how to reach the next best version of yourself
  • You’ll build a life you’ve only dreamed about.
  • You’ll be ready to play your biggest game ever.

What Will I Learn Inside the May Workshop?

  • How to  from a life of surviving descent to one of thriving ascent.

  • How to identify the area of your life that needs a thriving makeover.

  • How to move at the speed of obedience and accomplish your life goals in the next 365 days.