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 Transitioning from Survivor to Thriver

Transitioning from survivor to thriver is a journey that many take and others strive for.

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A survivor is someone who copes well with difficulties in their life

The thriver is someone who not only goes through an exceptionally positive or threatening life event, but shows subsequent growth because of the experience. (Manglesdorf & Eid, 2015)

Why Do Some Thrive After Life’s Worst & Best Experiences?

Thriving after life’s worst and best experiences can be facilitated on your own.

Here are three strategies you can use to facilitate your growth.

  • Positive Emotions:  positive emotions support coping processes. Psychological growth occurs when positive emotions occur in your mind daily. Research shows that those who show resilience and positivity prior to their life transition are more likely to thrive and overcome after it occurs.


  • Supportive Relationships:  relationships that are supportive have the ability to guide you in your journey to thriving. Closer social relationships and social support is key for human thriving after major life events, good or bad.


  • Meaning Making:  finding the meaning in life events further strengthens the coping skills of individuals. Reflecting on alternatives rather than direct reflection on meaning of the event itself, strengthens your journey of thriving.

Many misconceive trauma as being an event or series of events that one can’t overcome.

Furthermore, there’s a misconception that trauma is the only situation one needs to overcome to become a thriver.

Life changing events such as a new job, new marriage, a new baby and many more ecstatic occurrences  can transition your life into new stages that requires effective coping skills.

In closing,  save time on your calendar for positivity. reflection, and relationship building

It’ll drive you closer to the road of thriving and growth.


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