A 5-Lesson Online Self-Study Journey to Help You Get Unstuck and Live at Your Highest Blessings & Abundance [ONLINE SELF PACED PROGRAM]
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Restart. Reboot. Reset.

Can You Imagine:

Living day-by-day with the clarity of knowing how to stop allowing your negative thoughts to hold the next-level you captive.

Having a spiritual and emotional health formula right in your back pocket that’ll help you overcome the mental roadblocks keeping you stuck with grace and ease.

Walking in the honesty of your spiritual and emotional healing without shame.

Having the courage, clarity, focus and know-how to maneuver lifes setbacks, hiccups, and heartaches.

Your Future Deserves the Highest Potential of Yourself to Show Up Today

Women who are ready to restart, reboot, and reset do what’s necessary to move out of the way of their own self-sabotage.

They make it a priority to embrace change.

They take their personal development serious knowing it is what stands between their “you” of yesterday and the “you” of tomorrow.

Their identity in who they are and whose they are keeps the opinions of others far away from their purpose.

Their focus on their healing is a necessity in their lifestyle.

Their focus on rebooting how they view themselves and life is embraced.


journal by rachel harper

The world needs access to the fullness of who you are.

You need access to everything you have to offer yourself.

Long gone are the days where you look yourself in the eyes and wonder why you emotionally feel unworthy and deserving of more.

Your identity needs a renewal. Your mind needs a reboot. Your spirity needs a reset.

-Rachel, Creator of the Heal. Grow. Reset. Movement

A 5-lesson Journey to Awaken Your Spiritual and Emotional Healing 

Going on a transformational journey is now available for your self-discovery and self-development, and self-healing.

restart. reboot. reset. workshop

During these 5 lessons, Rachel will teach you how to:

Lesson 1.

Step Up Your Game & Play Defense

Release negative thoughts keeping your finances, faith, family, fitness, and freedom hostage.

Lesson 2.

Unlock Your Peace

Eliminate negative self-fulfilling prophecies that have you trapped in the mud.

Lesson 3.

Devour Your Negative Habits

Drown out the #1 behavior that has the fulfillment of your healing and peace trapped.

Lesson 4.

Sabotage Your Self-sabotage

Identify your self-sabotaging behavior that has the next level YOU delayed.

Lesson 5.

Release Your Suffering

How to be free from your suffering and demand your transformation for more in life.

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This workshop is for you if…

You are ready to reach higher heights with your family, fitness, finances, faith, and freedom.


You are ready to take back your identity.


You want to take an active role in your journey to reinventing yourself.


You’re ready for next level success with both your mental and spiritual journey.


journal by rachel harper

Meet Rachel, Your Guide

Hey! I’m Rachel. I’m a mother, wife, educator, and community counselor.  I empower women to utilize self-healing therapeutic tools such as therapeutic journals, spiritual principles, and community to heal beyond the past, grow in the present, and reset for the future.

It wasn’t that long ago that God gave me the word RESET as I quit my corporate job October of 2020. I would continuously hear and see the word reset in songs, television shows, sermons, and other places. I knew it meant something more.

It was almost two years before I fully understood what God was telling me. R.E.S.E.T. was his spiritual formula to healing, growing, and resetting so I could live fully in abundance and peace. This 5-step formula is now the root of my brand. It is introduced to women who come into my Woman Reset community.

So, if you desire to heal beyond the emotional hurt of your past, grow in your present, and reset for your future, join me and other like-minded women who are doing the same.