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How to Journal for Beginners in 2022: Easy and Quick Tips

julio 1, 2022

Want to know how to journal for beginners? Do you want quick and easy tips that’ll show you how to journal in 2022 and beyond?


This beginner’s guide to journaling is the most painless approach to journaling.  The problem you may face with journaling is that you believe many myths about expressive writing.  You may believe that journaling requires pages and pages of writing.  If that’s what you prefer, then go for it.  If you don’t enjoy writing, there’s still hope for you too.  


Possibly you’ve fallen into a trap of buying journal after journal only because it had a super cute cover (Ok, I’m guilty of doing this too).  Now you have a plethora of journals collecting dust.  From time to time, you dust one off with great intentions of jumping deep, AGAIN, into journaling.  For some reason, you struggle to remain consistent.


The best ways to journal are different for everyone.


I know you desire to make journaling a tool you have in your repertoire of self-care essentials.

I’m going to help make this an easy and consistent process for you.  Let’s jump into tips for journaling and journaling basics.  I’m going to take it a step further and show you how to make journaling your therapeutic emotional outlet.  These are journaling basics and journaling for mental health.

Let’s go!


How to Journal


What should I write in my journal?

Beginner journaling can feel overwhelming.  You know what else is overwhelming?  Life!

Here’s the thing.  Journaling best practices suggest that you should journal with intention and purpose. 

So, what should you write in your journal? Begin writing about your day.  Set your intentions for your day.  Decompress at the end of the night.  What happened today?  What did you enjoy?  What didn’t work out?  Who did you meet?  How did you grow? 

The best part of writing about your day is that naturally you’ll likely tap into your emotions.  The situations you dealt with during the day had bearings on your emotions.  Whether that’s the emotions of joy and happiness or fear and anger. 

This journaling best practice allows you to tap into personal journaling and emotional healing.  

Turn journaling into a journey of dealing with emotions and negative emotions.  There are basics to negative emotions and emotion basics

How can you get rid of negative emotions?

All negative emotions require for their survival, BLAME. 

When you have a negative emotion say, “I am responsible for healing and moving beyond”.  Your mind can only hold one thought at a time so replace it with positivity. 

One negative emotion can stall and ruin your entire life.  Journaling can help you move beyond the negativity holding you hostage in your mind.

Woman journaling

How to start off a journal entry

Journaling is most easy when you, again, have a purpose for your journaling.  Are you journaling to decompress at the end of the day?  Are you journaling to develop goals for your day? Are you journaling for your mental health?  

If you enjoy free-write journaling where whatever comes to your head, the Brain dump is a great exercise.  Learn how to journal using the Brain Dump technique here.  You’ll also get access to 30+ journal prompts and much more. 

You can take advantage of journal prompts.  Journal prompts provide you a topic to journal about.  Journal prompts for beginners are especially helpful for your journey.

Now, depending on what you need, there are various types of journal prompts.  Want access to journal prompts for your emotional healing?  These 30+ therapeutic journal prompts are very useful.  Stop stuffing your emotions by turning your journal into self-therapy.


My favorite journaling tool

*This is an affiliate link. I’ll make a small commission from the purchase of this product*

How to journal every day

The easiest way to journal every day is to make dealing with your emotions a daily goal. 

Every day, there are negative thoughts and emotions that infiltrate your mind.  Journaling allows you to handle negative emotions. Take those negative emotions and turn them into positive emotions with therapeutic journaling. 

Write opposing thoughts in your journal.  Say things such as, “I can do it” so it takes space away from negative thoughts. 

Become your own cheerleader and manifest the life you desire with just pen and paper.  Most importantly, if you don’t want to journal everyday, don’t. 

Journal when necessary.

When is the best time to journal

The best time to journal depends on your lifestyle. 

Never make journaling fit OUTSIDE your lifestyle.  That’s the best way to quit your journaling and emotional healing journey.   Possibly you’d prefer morning journaling.  This’ll allow you to set your day with intentions. 

Want to journal before bed?  It’ll allow you to decompress and shed emotional negativity from your body. 

There are psychosomatic side effects to holding on to emotional trauma and pain.  Engaging in writing therapy can help curve those psychosomatic side effects of emotional pain.

Want to engage in daily journaling?  Do it at the same time every day to remain consistent. Journaling can become boring for some. 

Want to avoid getting bored with journaling?  Find a place that’s engaging such as a coffee shop that plays light music.  Journaling in bed when you’re super sleepy may not be such a great idea. 

Don’t set your journey up for failure.

How to Get the Most Out of Journaling

Get the most out of journaling by journaling with intention and purpose. 

Deciding to journal because it’s an afterthought or you see beautiful influencers engaging in journaling for their photo-op is not a great reason to begin your journey.  The best way to keep a journal is to have a purpose for it. 

If you enjoy writing, write about your day or emotions.  Having an emotional outlet is crucial, especially if you don’t have a place or person to express them with. 

For example, possibly you have a  relationship that you still feel hurt by.  Writing a letter to the person and offering them forgiveness releases you from their emotional bondage. 

Further, write a letter of forgiveness to yourself.    Still feel hurt from your childhood?  Write a letter of forgiveness to a parent or other individual who still holds emotional bondage.

30+ Emotional healing journal prompts

Types of Journals

There are a variety of journals that exist. 

My favorite journals are those with journal prompts and free-write too. 

One of the tools I use for journaling and bible study journaling are flair pens

Of course, don’t make a big fuss about using special journals and pens.  Use what you have to make your journaling and emotional healing process easy and effective for you.

how to journal

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