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Frequently Asked

What's the difference between therapeutic expressive writing and counseling?

   Therapeutic expressive writing and journaling is a supplemental tool that engages individuals in self-help healing. The basic presumption itself of therapeutic journaling is that clients are in a healthy mental and physical space and are prepared to receive guidance and direction on how to achieve their emotional healing goals. 

  We DO NOT provide diagnoses, nor treat mental illness.

We DO NOT offer therapy services.  

  Therapeutic expressive writing and journaling works best with those who are more interested in creating actionable solutions to future goals than remaining in the offenses of the past. We focus more on problem-solving and identifying barriers to getting the outcomes a client desires. 

  Licensed Therapists can diagnose issues and identify problems for you to overcome.  In counseling sessions, it may be HEAVILY focused on the past and how to currently break out of its hold.  This service, we DO NOT offer.

Do you only offer 1-to-1 services?

No.  We offer group coaching and live group workshops.

Do you offer therapy with access to a licensed therapist?

We DO NOT offer licensed therapy.  However, we are a wonderful supplement to the therapy you may receive.

What areas of growth do you specialize?
  • Emotional Trauma and Stress
What qualifications do the Behavioral Health Coaches hold?

Coaches hold at a minimum a Bachelors degree in a mental health related field.  

I don't live in Georgia. Can I still utilize this community?

Yes, absolutely!  All of our services and workshops are available online via virtual software.  The 1-to-1 services and yearly retreat provide the option for virtual and in-person options.


PO Box 2141 Duluth, GA 30096

Monday to Friday : 9am – 3pm ET

Saturday : Closed

Sunday : Closed