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Expressive Writing and Therapeutic Journaling for Emotional Healing

Leading the way to trauma-informed, community-based resilience, recovery, and healing.

Woman Reset

“Leading the way to healing of self and community” – Rachel Harper, Founder

Rachel Harper, Founder and Owner

Expressive Writing & Therapeutic Journaling Coach

**We do not offer licensed therapy**



B.S – Exercise Science & Kinesiotherapy

M.A – Mental Health Counseling

M.A.T – Special Education

Ed.S – Educational Leadership

The Woman Reset Behavioral Health and Wellness Center (currently virtual) is for women who desire to move forward into their future without feeling stuck in their past hurt and pain. 

Woman Reset was founded by, me, Rachel Harper in 2020.

As a previous educator who, most recently, used my counseling background in special education classrooms, I recognized the mental health and wellness needs of the community when the 2020 pandemic hit.

I opened the Woman Reset Mental Health and Wellness center (currently virtual) to be a mental health and wellness platform for women who want to get out of the mud of stress, anxiety, imposter syndrome, belief of unworthiness, and so much more so they can thrive.

While we are virtual at the moment, the best part is that even if you aren’t located in the Atlanta area of Georgia, you still have access to the services within this community.

I’ve had the privilege of using my expertise in various capacities, to include Alcohol and Drug Court, classrooms, and other platforms.

I believe God called me to form my own table that will give women the space to heal, forgive, and thrive.

Mission & Vision

To become the #1 expressive writing and journaling community for women and their healing and recovery.

Why Choose Us

We are a trauma-informed, low barrier of entry into the mental health and wellness space for women.


Healing the Whole Woman (mind, body, spirit)

Pathway to Abundance: stop stealing from your future and go after all your heart desires